The Beginning of PVRBC

The idea for a Rodeo Bible Camp began in the fall of 2004, when Mr. Duane Oster of Kersey visited with the Christian Church mission group. Mr. Oster was seeking an individual or group to start a Fellowship of Christian Cowboys Chapter in the Julesburg area. Having knowledge about the facilities offered at the Sedgwick County Fairgrounds, Mr. Oster spoke of what a Rodeo Bible Camp involves and what a blessing the camp could be to the area youth and volunteers.
Peggy Wegman volunteered to spearhead the idea and proceeded to learn how to complete a Rodeo Bible Camp. Attending the RBC in Kersey at the Ford Ranch, as an observer Peggy met a lot of wonderful people who were willing to help her begin the Platte Valley Rodeo Bible Camp. One of the best outcomes from attending the Kersey Camp was meeting and enlisting our camp clergy, Mr. Ronnie Moyer. Ronnie has served as Camp Clergy for the PVRBC since it’s beginning in 2006. He has been a great asset to the camp as an advisor to camp director, Peggy, and the entire camp staff.

One of the biggest tasks to start a Rodeo Bible Camp is to raise the funds. Fundraising began with getting sponsors and donations for trail rides and participating in the School of Missions Tour which is comprised of approximately ten different churches. Peggy’s devotion to holding a Rodeo Bible Camp took her almost two years to raise the funds. With fundraising completed the first annual Platte Valley Rodeo Bible Camp was held in 2006. The PVRBC is still supported through sponsors, donations, and fundraising activities which result in many campers learning about Jesus Christ while improving their rodeo skills.

The PVRBC has been blessed with good professional Christian cowboys and cowgirls who come from all over the country to instructor participants in their individual rodeo events. Team leaders are a valuable portion of the camp; they help campers learn, understand, memorize scripture, and have a deeper understanding of the message brought by Camp Chaplin. Enthusiastic board members, staff, and volunteers complete the desire to make a difference in the life of young people. Everyone that is involved with PVRBC is pleased about making a difference in the life of the young people that the Lord so graciously allowed us to serve. It is our goal to teach young people: “Christ First ~ Rodeo Second”.